Organize All the Things!
Organize All the Things!

Hello everyone! I just had a lovely long weekend which I spent organizing my many writing materials. Recently someone I know was getting rid of new unused three ring binders. I took many 3 inch and a few 2 inch binders off their hands. The binders had been waiting very patiently in a corner of the room for me to use since then and this weekend was the time. Now instead of several very large shelves full of loose leaf papers in different sizes and shapes, I have one half of a large shelf with a few folders, sketchbooks and notebooks on it and one large shelf packed with binders. Overall I feel much better about all my materials going forward. Plus, you know, I can actually find my references, sketches or notes when I go searching for them instead of giving up angrily partway through the pile.

In other news, I got a friend to look over the novel so far and I think it is moving in the right direction (albeit slowly). I hope to have a final draft ready by the end of January–hopefully my characters agree with me on this.

I close to the sound of very wet snow falling in the watery wood behind the house. I hope it coats everything then freezes solid during the night. I would love to photograph the sunlight glinting off of frozen branches tomorrow morning.

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