More Writing, Less Watching


Well, it’s day 5 of a month long media fast I have decided to go on. This boils down to no tv, video games, movies etc. (I have left music out of this fast for the sake of my sanity.) It is troubling to note just how much of life media has become. It seems that most of the people I know only talk about media–though this may simply be a symptom of my withdrawal. Yesterday I found myself making a list of the films I want to watch when I am done with the fast.

In other news, I am also writing in a different chair now as the usual one was getting to be up there in years. It now sits in the corner reserved for special occasions looking slightly forlorn. I hope it will forgive me. The new chair is less comfortable, but the perfect height for my desk. The novel is moving along well and I spend most of my free time writing now that I have taken away many other options. I hope to track my media-free progress here, but, I can’t promise consistency. With that I bid everyone a good evening as I return to the work.

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