Fun and Forgetting

Rain Rain Windy Windy
Rain Rain Windy Windy

It is now day 10 of my month long media fast–I only know this by working it out on a calendar just before typing that. My withdrawal I would say peaked on Wednesday but has been easy since then. I had two horrible days leading up to Wednesday and then the actual day itself was the worst of the three. I came home angry and sad and desperately wanting to lose myself for a long time. I sat in misery in my hard little chair at my writing desk trying to figure out how I could keep my media fast going and yet not feel this way. Eventually I took a drive and the cold winter air helped clear my head. I also talked with a friend and she suggested I read a book. A BOOK! Of course a book! Why hadn’t I thought of that? I realized after some thought that I had been unconsciously avoiding books in an effort to keep the novel I’m writing free from outside influence. I started reading immediately. My feelings lifted. I was up until 1 am reading that night. I felt much better when I went to bed.

When I awoke at 7am the next morning I wanted to destroy the alarm clock, but I got over it. I stopped keeping count that day of my fast. I worked on the background stuff for my novel, did some research and focused on what I had written for the next couple days. Yesterday, I finished two chapters and I have seven more started. I’ve been enjoying my tv free evenings so much I may never go back to any sort of regular tv schedule. I have to know how Once Upon a Time ends of course, but the rest can wait. Now I must go back to writing the novel before I spontaneously combust from sheer excitement. I bid you adieu to the sound of snow falling softly on dry leaves.

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