Macs, Messages and Mischief

Here's Lookin at You Mac
Here’s Lookin at You Mac


I am sitting in my writing room enjoying the blanket of white coating the world outside my window. I have discovered my screen has a new hole in it big enough for a bird to climb through. If I thought any birds would be around today I might leave it open just to see…

My media fast continues. I no longer know what day I am on. I will be done February 8th (which I only know because I blogged about the 5th day on January 13th). I saw an amazing trailer for Great Expectations with Helena Bonham Carter in it. I ordered it from Amazon. It said it will take 4-14 days. I hope it takes the latter for once as it will be very tempting if it arrives before my fast is over. It has a dark fairy tale feel about it. I cannot explain yet, but it hit me right in my artistic core. I have never read the book, though I have enjoyed (almost) every book I have read by Charles Dickens. At any rate, I plan to read it shortly.

The novel is going very well. I am nearly done with the first bit and have completed the cover art. I was shocked at the reactions of the people I showed it to. They were genuinely impressed and I was genuinely humbled by how impressed they were. I have never had such a reaction to my art before. I cannot at this moment reveal it, but I will post it here eventually.

I went to the apple website yesterday and saw that they are celebrating 30 years of macintosh. This is very special to me. I received my first mac when I was 7 years old. It was a Performa 550 and it was marvelous. This mac was also my first computer. My aunt (at the time) gave it to me. She was in charge of tech purchasing for a large company, so she got it for a steal and thought I should have it. I spent untold hours on that mac playing with art programs, The Amazing Writing Machine, Legend of the Zoombinis, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago?, and a host of other applications. I also destroyed the operating system several times and had to rebuild it from scratch if I wanted to keep playing. I was perhaps a precocious child, but, I fixed it many times successfully. It still sits in my house waiting patiently for me. I recently moved and have to locate the mouse and keyboard before I can use it. I am writing this article on a macbook air that I love–although the power button is problematic as I often press it by mistake. I went with a Japanese keyboard…I really shouldn’t have. I hope they will change it out for me, but I haven’t gotten around to asking yet.

Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane is on sale for kindle at Amazon today here. Neil inspires me. I hope one day I am writery enough to meet him. I have loved everything I have ever read by him. I recently began the Sandman series. I am beginning at the end a bit as I am reading the new prequel bits before I move on to the main story. The first one was beautiful. I think I spent a day just staring at that book.

Speaking of art, I was recently given a wonderful art program called mischief. It allows you to do use pixel based drawing and vector based drawing. In essence, you can zoom in and out endlessly into the picture you’re working on without losing any quality. It has some weaknesses (importing can be a pain) however, it has more strengths. Exporting your art into say Photoshop is also very easy. I use photoshop for almost all of my finishing work. The Mischief software is not every expensive and you can load it up on as many computers (mac or pc) as you like. Link is here.

Well, that is all I have to share for now. I shall return to working on the novel while the wintery world waits outside my windows. Stay warm.

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