Furnishings, Findings and Freshness

Lovely Furniture
Lovely (not broken) Furniture

Hello again.

Today I am sitting on a new couch that is a lovely burgundy color. I have hurt my leg and need to keep it stretched out so it will heal properly. Hopefully, this doesn’t last too long and I can resume my seat at my desk quickly. The forlorn chair has moved back into its place and the new chair has moved into the living room at a small table I found hiding in an old room. Now I can write at two different locations in my house while keeping out of the way.

The novel is going along well. I had to take a couple days to plan future chapters and move old furniture that was literally dropping pieces off of it, so I plan to spend the rest of today writing.  I showed an artist friend my cover art and she critiqued it. Now it has her stamp of approval and is really much better than it was. Being both the writer and the artist is sometimes a hard mix to cope with. You end up wanting to both write and draw at once. Then you actually try it and realize it doesn’t work at all and you go back to fighting between the two.

My Great Expectations blue ray has not arrived yet, so I haven’t had to battle the temptation to watch it. I did spend a couple hours on youtube the other day. It began as me watching visually striking music videos (like this one), interesting trailers (here) and a short comedy sketch (like that). All of them were shorter than than a few minutes, but it was amazing how quickly the time disappeared. I realized during this adventure that my definition of media, in fact the world’s definition of media, has really gone through a huge transformation since the internet became mainstream.

I thought the next day about just how fast my evening disappeared versus how little I had to show for it. I came to the conclusion that I don’t ever wish to return to my previous way of doing things. I’m still working out what exactly this will mean. I love stories, thus I enjoy media, so I don’t want to give such things up completely. I have to find my balance. My media fast will be done in just over one week. I will figure out more then. For now, my small break is over and I must return to writing. I just had to stop and say hello world before I could proceed.

I leave you with warm thoughts on cold days. I hope to see you again soon.

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