Tea and Timing…

Tea + Book = Paradise

Hello! Me again.

I’ve been away from here for a bit, but all still seems in order. I’ve not been writing much this week, but I have been creating art like mad. Funny how the mind prefers to procrastinate isn’t it? Whatever it perceives it has to do it will try to get out of, even if what it runs to is actually more work. (You can see some of what I’ve been working on here an there, if you are interested in such things.)

I am officially halfway done with the novel. As my favorite English professor used to say regarding the middle of a thing, now comes the hard part. I would say the beginning is where you grab the reader, but the middle is where you have to keep them, otherwise they get irritated and skip to the end or fling the book in complete frustration. I really do not want anyone to fling my book, and I don’t think anyone wants to feel like flinging my book either. I find myself contemplating agents and markets and genres–all good things. However, I feel I need to finish the novel before I focus on (read stress about) all of that.

In some of my down time I have been exploring some new media. I was very impressed by the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Writers especially I think can relate well to such a story as we are the tale weavers and we sometimes get lost in our stories, well I do anyway. I have also been reading some Robert Louis Stephenson, Stephen King and Neil Gaiman works recently. I had never actually read a Stephen King novel before. I’m not sure what I think yet as I have not finished.

I now must return to real life (alas!) until adventure finds me again.

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