Hard Things

Guru Graveyard
Guru Graveyard


Today I have been working on a very important project. I had to write two small papers and prepare some other things. Writing three pages and editing some things should have been a breeze, but it was so hard. I agonized over what to say, what not to say, had I said too much or too little, was it all as crap as I thought it was or was I just inventing that? I scrapped the whole thing at one point until someone dear to me convinced me not to.

Now that I’m finished with all the things and they are sent off to the gods of massive decision making, this intensity has got me thinking (in between frantically checking my email for replies that is). I could sit here and type into this blog all day with less effort than that one page paper took. And this blog would have so much more content and essence of me in it that it’s almost laughable. Almost.

It seems to me that these hard things always stand between someone and what they want most. It’s almost as if life is like “Oh, you want this? Okay. But to get it you must DO THE HARDEST THING EVER.” And that hardest thing changes for each dream/person pairing. Why do you do this to us life? Why can’t we bribe you?!

Oh, yes…having no money. That is a good reason why I can’t bribe you.

I guess I just wanted to give a shout out to all my fellow dreamers out there. Keep doing the hard things! I know they’re hard and they suck and they smash your confidence into tiny little bits, but they’re worth it. Even if in the end you don’t get it on that go, it will change you. Make that change for the better and it will all have been worth it.

Well that came off a more peppy than I meant it. Must be all that guru.

Also, due to spell checker funkiness I thought I had invented the word graveyard for a minute there. Spooky.

Until we meet again dear reader, au revoir.

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