I Was a Weird Kid


Hello dear readers!

I hope the day went well for you. I mostly moved from wilting spot to wilting spot much like a slug, complaining about the boiling temperature at each spot.

I do not do well with heat. I would much rather be cold than I would hot. I realize for most people this is probably not true, but I am weird. Speaking of weird (Nice transition there, right?), today’s musing is on being weird. I was a VERY weird child. This was due to a number of factors, none of which matter for today’s musing. The point is that I was in fact weird.

I talked by myself…a lot. I liked dead things. I carried around a rubber pterodactyl instead of a fluffy bunny or bear. I adored cats to such an extreme degree that I once followed one into a perfect stranger’s home (I am so sorry perfect stranger.).


I am not going to tell that story right now.

Seriously, no.

Stop looking at me like that.


Moving on, Where was I? Oh yes, I was WEIRD.

Yesterday I happened across an article that discussed creative types who altered the world (like Steve Jobs) spending time alone and just how important that was. It resonated very strongly with me. It wasn’t until the lovely problems with insanity left a comment on my web comic Goth Gal that this message really clicked and set my wheels spinning. Weird kids = weird adults. Weird adults make art for the weird kids who become weird adults and on and on. Weird is GOOD. Weird is fun and crazy and different. Weird keeps the world going. Weird breaks up the monotony of everyday life. So, here’s to the weird ones, as Apple once said.


PS – I’m moving these weekly posts to Sunday as of next week. Saturday has become too troublesome for me. Hopefully I will have time for longer musings then as well! πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “I Was a Weird Kid

  1. I really need to start reading these posts regularly- I always check Goth Girl and forget to check this blog, but your writing is awesome and engaging. I too have been slug wilting, although I never thought to describe it like that. But now I think that will be how I always describe myself to others… 3 phrases that best describe me- WILTING SLUG, RABID SLOTH, and RAINBOW HOBO.


    1. Well I keep forgetting to create the posts lol. It’s so HARD for me to be consistent. Also, Rainbow Hobo–you should design a superhero outfit to go with that name….like NOW. Thanks for the kind words ❀

      Liked by 1 person

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