Bright Ideas and Long Shadows

Hello. Me again.

I have been writing and painting A LOT recently. I am still not meeting my target goals consistently every day for writing, but I like to think I am getting closer to that goal.  I keep reminding myself that every single word I write moves me closer to the finish, whether I meet the target for the day or not.

In other news, I now have a new writing chair. My old forlorn chair (which you may recall from before) finally snapped one day. He will be remembered as the best chair ever. He was over 20 years old. The new chair is remarkably similar to the old one. The patterns are very different, but the construction is almost identical:

Rest in Pieces
Rest in Pieces
It's alive, aliiiiive!
It’s alive, aliiiiive!

Not bad for chairs purchased decades apart, eh? I had to do tons of looking to find a fabric chair of similar quality and build. Most of them are that awful mesh, or worse, leather. Yay for amazon!

I have recently been on a “house of horrors” kick. By this I mean the old films that centered on hidden horrors in old decaying mansions.  These films are often in black and white and full of atmosphere. The most recent addition to my collection is The House of the Long Shadows starring four of the great horror actors: Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and John Carradine. I love it as if I had seen it during my midnight wanderings when i was young.

As a child, I used to stay up late then sneak downstairs to a t.v. we had in the basement. I would watch Tales from the Crypt and Big Chuck & Little John. There were times I would be up until dawn then sneak back to bed only to have to get back up in a couple hours for school–no wonder I’m such an insomniac now!

It may seem strange to you that I am seeking such things in the middle of the warmer months (at least for us Northern Hemisphere-ers), but it isn’t really. In Japan, Summer is their season for ghost stories and the like: Ghosts in Japan. I always say East met West and I am their child, I guess it’s more accurate than I realized.

I leave you with thoughts of unnaturally cold creaking manors full of dark rooms, death and delightful depths to be delved.