Outdoor Offices


Hello again. Well, I have been diligently writing since I last saw you despite everything that tries to get in the way. I really try to treat my writing time like something sacred that can’t be interrupted. Unfortunately, no one else seems to see it that way. They more see it like “Oh good you’re around I need…” time. Yesterday, due to some complicated circumstances that mostly involve me helping someone out, I ended up working on my book outside for several hours. This strange opportunity to be out of the house on a weekend but still working on my book had a peculiar effect on me. Rather than slowing my writing down, as I had feared it would, it actually sped up my writing. I was surprised to say he least. It got me thinking that one day I would like to have a little glass study outside to do my writing.

In other news, I am going on another media fast. this time i am permitted media one day a week (incidentally I also have one day a week blocked off from my target writing) but not allowed media any other day. (This excludes music of course lest I go completely bonkers.) I think the first media fast really helped me to focus on the work. I really want to finish this by the end of summer. I look forward to the day I am sitting cross legged on a table (yes you read that correctly–I actually gave a presentation in a class this way once because I hate giving speeches) signing books and hopefully getting to meet some of the people reading this blog. What a strange joyous thing it will be when that day comes. Until then, I hope you enjoy the beautiful sunshine. And here is a picture that makes me smile every time I look at it: Image May the road rise with you.