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I have been in an artistic bubble pondering things for days and today it popped–thank you job that said no to me.

Before I really begin, I just want to say that all of the projects below will be available for FREE on this website, ghouline, and This will not change NO MATTER WHAT. You can visit, read, watch, enjoy without giving me a dime.

I make art. I share that art with the world. This update is NOT me asking for money. I have linked to patreon, only in case you are interested in more than that.

I repeat: ALL the things are available FOR FREE.

(That said, there will be high resolution versions available for patrons, along with other rewards.)

So, like I said, I have been pondering things for DAYS. I decided I needed to go all in with my art. I’ve been holding back, afraid I’m not good enough, afraid I am not a “true” artist, afraid the fact that I haven’t made it means I’m not going to…well NO MORE.

I’ve edited, compiled, created and altered. I’ve come up with ideas, plans, projects and something of a release schedule. I’m going to use my websites as best I can. There are three projects currently running: Goth Gal, Alison:Wonderland and Ghouline. More projects will be announced, rewarded, and offered as time goes by. Some in the future will perhaps be pay only–we’ll see how it goes.

Current Projects:

Goth Gal is a web comic strip similar to the Addams family. It follows a crusty yet lovable gothic gal in search of quiet darkness and never-ending coffee. There are a host of other characters including Rebel Ray, Coffee Cat, Apro Academic, the Goth Black Girls, and the Gothic Bunch–just to name a few. Come goth on with Goth Gal! Comics are released three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Alison:Wonderland is a mix between a manga/comic that follows the adventures of a girl named Alison and her hacker handle Wonderland in the near future. The comic merges the magickal girl genre with technology, information control, wonderland, and life. A comic page will be released once a week on Thursdays starting in November

Ghouline is entertainment to raise the dead. The youtube series follows after the grand tradition of horror hosting. Ghouline will be your creepy-cute guide through horror video games, and possibly classic horror films as well. The series will begin in October. (I will add a more solid release schedule here soon.)

Keep reading if you’re interested in supporting me. If not, I hope you’ll view my work in the coming days. ❤

Want to Support my Art?

I am also now pleased to announce that I have the weirdest patreon page in existence–probably. If you’re still reading, I will assume you have some interest in supporting me as an artist/writer/musician/filmmaker/creator person. So, yay!

Anything you can give is SUPER appreciated. You can also limit things if you’re only interested in one project or if you want to give but can only afford a few times rather than every time.

My patreon banner shows some of the current projects:

Patreon All New

Reward structures start at 0.50$ and go up to 100$

Rewards include: HD multi-wallpaper packs, high resolution downloads of art and comic pages, a goodies grab bag, behind the scenes access to doodles and sketches and more, a goodies grab bag filled with physical rewards liked signed art and finger puppets and WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE, a lifestream where I give you a tour of my house, or take you through my day or (almost) ANYTHING really.

If you are interested in any of the above, please consider supporting me. Visit patreon to see the full rewards and project details:

Thank you for reading! ❤